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Was Avatar as good as it was hyped?

January 30, 2010

Disclaimer: This review is based purely on personal opinion. If you do not agree, I’m sorry for wasting your time.

20 years ago, George Lucas released his super hit, groundbreaking movie,” Star Wars”. At that time, creating something even half as good as Star Wars was considered next to impossible. However, Lucas breaking all barriers, created something that was truly fantastic and worth appreciation.

Whereas Avatar:

Avatar had great special effects, but that was quite, the only thing it had. The 3-D was good but nothing great. The plot of Avatar was definitely not original, rather, it was a complete copy of Disney’s Poccahontas. Compared to Star Wars and other major hits, Avatar’s technology, effects etc were not that ahead of time or something that may revolutionalize the movie world (There was the 3-D which was good, but note that 3-D movies had been made long before Avatar, and Avatar’s 3-D technology is quite like them)


Avatar is good, but it nothing groundbreaking. Whatever it deserves it certainly does not deserve the huge hype. Avatar has ended up like the average hit blockbuster, but failed to kick off a revolution. After watching movies such as Star Wars, people came out of the theaters saying “Impossible made possible”, “This is gonna change the cinema world forever” and so on. Well in the case of Avatar, hardly 10% of the people said so.

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