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iPad: How good? How bad?

April 4, 2010

iPad showing its on-screen keyboard

Today Apple releases its much-anticipated “iPad”. The iPad has been received by both praises and criticism by the media so far. The fact that it offers tablet computer like features for such a low price is indeed wonderful. It also comes with a huge array of capabilities and can serve a lot of purposes; E-book, internet, e-mail, photos, videos, maps, music all in one place. It’s thin size also makes it simple to carry in place of a netbook.


Thin, light, portable and with a touch screen. The iPad is likely to replace netbooks as the ‘on-the-go’ computer. The 10 hour battery life can  also come in very useful. It costs only a few more dollars than the Amazon Kindle DX($479.99) and with the Kindle App, can serve as an excellent replacement for the expensive Kindle. The iPad comes with a 1 GHz processor which would more than suffice for ‘on-the-go’ tasks. The iPad will integrate  iPod and a Mac into a single device enabling you to both watch movies without straining your eyes as well as do computer-level tasks with ease. It is competitively priced for the features it offers and may become a replacement for netbooks. iPad also comes with a 3G model which could be the ultimate smartphone killer. However this feature is pretty expensive(a $130 premium over the non-3G model)


The biggest disadvantage of the iPad is that its software is rigidly controlled by Apple. Thus you can’t install any of your programs other than apps from iTunes store. This greatly limits the iPad’s capacities. Also the battery is irreplaceable and you will be forced to dispose your iPad after its battery life cycles are over. The iPad also is unable to render Adobe Flash graphics thereby limiting the web. It also does not come with a webcam or microphone which will mean no video-audio chatting! Worst of all, no USB or FireWire ports so you can’t even hook your own devices and file transfer will depend solely on SD cards which is sad indeed. The iPad’s low end model has just 16 GB Flash memory which is nothing compared to todays netbooks. Even the top models have just 64 GB of memory at the most.

Who will be affected:

Amazon Kindle DX: The Amazon Kindle DX may very well suffer a death-blow in sales after the iPad releases. Since the Kindle DX is prices at $479 which is just $20 less than the iPad (which offers Kindle’s functionality plus a lot more) few would be eager to buy it.

Hi-Fi Smartphone: iPhone and Blackberry’s smartphones are likely to suffer a setback as the iPad would serve most of their features(including 3G) and people would thus want just an ordinary phone rather than a smartphone when they have an iPad.

Netbooks: Although netbooks come with better processors and memory and RAM, most people would gladly exchange that for the iPad’s touch screen and better portablility and style. However if you want more functionality, you will still need to have a netbook/notebook.

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  1. April 6, 2010 5:56 AM

    Hi, I think you’ve got a ‘fantasy’ picture of the ipad… ipad doesn’t run mac osx, it runs on iphone OS.

    • upapilot permalink*
      April 6, 2010 10:50 AM

      I never meant to say that the iPad can run the Mac OSX…All i wanted to say is that iPad along with its software, can serve as a sort of midpoint between the Mac and the iPod…

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