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The new-age Gold Rush: App Development

April 4, 2010

iPhone showing its various apps.

For years, independent software developers have had little perspective of developing successful softwares as big time companies and their marketing were do big to compete with. Because of this, software developers could little but work for big-time companies with a limited view for expanding further.

The introduction of the iPod and iPad and the iTunes store where any person can freely develop any software and can sell it, has become not only a way for developers to make extra money but for some, a full-time profession.

Ethan Nicholas: The biggest success story of app-development

Ethan Nicholas, the head of a one-man developing company is one of the best examples of the boon app-development has proved to developers.

Nicholas, before his success was a  small-time developer with financial problems. It was in his Christmas break that he took up developing an iPhone game called “iShoot” . After its release the game did not become very popular. To promote his game, Nicholas released a Lite(demo) version of the game. The minute he did, there were thousands of downloads of the Lite game. This culminated to a large number of purchases of the full version. In a month, the app had risen to the top ten apps of iTunes which meant sales of over 10,000 copies of the game in a single day. Thus Nicholas had risen from a small-timer to a sub-millionaire.

Ethan Nicholas and his game "iShoot"

Nicholas’ success is not only an example of how much software developers have gained from App development, but also the right way to promote games and software.

The total sales of iPhone apps has totaled to a huge $25 billion showing the huge popularity of apps with both people and Developers.

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  1. angelo fioritti permalink
    April 11, 2010 5:57 PM

    dear upapilot, i loved your clear appraisal of iPad. I hav been quite a few time about to buy kindle ebook, but i was prevented by the idea of getting one more hardware on my shelf. Do you think that iPad will overcome the need for different hardwares (ebook, portable pc, agenda etc…). What about a couple iPhone + iPad? I am a microsoft dependent guy, mor and more sick of it. Do you suggest to pass on to Apple or try the ubuntu experience?

    • upapilot permalink*
      April 12, 2010 9:58 AM

      Dear Angelo,
      The iPad will serve as an excellent replacement to the eBooks.

      On the whole, the iPad is basically just an enlarged iPhone without telephone capabilities. Thus, if you are going to buy an iPad and carry it with you almost everywhere where you would normally carry the iPhone, then an iPad+iPhone combination would be unnecessary. Just ordinary mobile phone+iPad would do.

      The iPad will also be a good replacement for your portable laptop if you are going to be using it purely for browsing/making documents etc. However the iPad lacks more advanced capabilities.

      Apple is renowned for its quality and is certainly far superior to Microsoft so you won’t have technical problems with the iPad.

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