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Google’s recent expeditions

April 5, 2010

Google, in the past 2 years, has released several new software (and hardware) and has greatly expanded its business. From being a small search-engine company, Google has now expanded into multiple markets. Here’s a list of Google’s latest products and how good they were:

Chrome OS:

A pre-alpha screenshot of the Chrome OS

Rating: N/A

Overview: Based on the Linux platform. Minimalistic UI.Specially designed for those who use the computer purely for browsing/email.

Last year, Google announced that it was developing a Chrome-Browser based, Linux operating system. The OS will have all the applications necessary for those who live the mobile life, and use their computer for nothing more than browsing/e-mail. The OS is designed to look like a large Google Chrome browser. The Chrome OS is going to be completely open-source and is likely to provide stiff competition to Ubuntu: Netbook Remix and other Netbook OSs. However, the capacities of the Chrome OS is highly limited and the ability to install new software is limited.

Google Buzz:

Rating: 8/10

Overview: Easy integration with Gmail. Good for people who want a little more private environment than Twitter.

With Twitter gaining increasing popularity in the tech-world, Google released Buzz, designed to compete with both Twitter and Facebook. One of the best features of Buzz is its integration with Gmail, and no word limit, for those who want to express themselves in a little more than 140 words but not write a whole blog. It also requires no special signup. Its easy accessibility and a more private structure encouraged many who had avoided Twitter to join Buzz. However, Google faced huge criticism over Buzz violating Privacy and this has given Buzz a bad kickstart.

Google Gears:

Rating: 9/10

Overview: Very useful for those with expensive broadband access or those with slow connections. Open Source.

Google Gears is a software which will store website data of websites such as Youtube, Gmail, Docs etc. allowing offline access to such websites. Gears also speeds up  website loading. Thus, you can write documents, mails and soon offline and go online only to upload thereby saving time and huge amounts of money in areas where Internet is expensive. However Google has shut down all support for Gears, but independent developers still develop apps for various websites to use Gears.

Google Nexus One:

Rating: 8.5/10

Overview: Hardware keyboard is a boon. Thinner than iPhone. Android OS is better than iPhone’s OS.

This is Google’s first and only expedition into the hardware market. When announced, the ambitious 3-G phone hoping to become a competitor for iPhone, was met with considerable surprise from most people. The Nexus One fetched a reasonable amount of orders on its release. Assuming Google’s zero-experience in the hardware sector, the Necus One was quite a good product. The presence of a hardware keyboard was a huge benefit to those who used smart-phones for e-mail and browsing. However, the Nexus One lacked Apple’s huge  number of apps. There were also reports of problems with the 3G and Nexus was much more pricier than iPhone. However, it is a good start for Google.

Google Wave:

Rating: 3/10

Overview: Over-hyped. Few uses and not-so-great interface.

When Google announced limited preview of the Wave in September 2009, people almost went mad to get their invites. So popular Wave was, that invites were even being sold on E-bay. However, no sooner had people obtained their invite and checked out Wave, than they realized there was nothing great about it at all. Even after watching Dr.Wave’s brief demo of using Wave, many still could’nt figure how to use Wave or why they’d even need it.  For some though, Wave has proven to be a useful tool. However its complex interface has lost it many customers.

Google Chrome:

Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: A very good piece of software. Defies Firefox and Safari in most speed and capabilities tests.

In September 2008,  Google released its browser Chrome. Within a few months, Chrome had raced to the third place in the most used browsers surpassing Safari and Opera, and holding a 6% market share. Chrome’s overall user-interface and design is pretty good. Chrome also, comes with very decent security features that are far better than those of IE, Safari and Opera and compete with those of Firefox. Since it’s release, a lot of add-ons and themes have been developed for it making it highly customizable like Firefox. Chrome’s market share is growing fast and poses a great threat to Firefox, IE and other market leaders.

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  1. futurecontemplations permalink
    April 6, 2010 4:44 PM

    Great post, I think there is lot more to come from Google as well as all this. Just take Google Chrome OS for example, I don’t think it will be long before Google revolutionise the internet and the way we use our computers.

    • upapilot permalink*
      April 6, 2010 5:35 PM

      I agree…Google is becoming what Microsoft had been for the past two decades: “Enter every market; and try to rule them all!”

      • futurecontemplations permalink
        April 6, 2010 9:30 PM

        Ah you added in Chrome OS, nice one.

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